So why do you need a native English speaker?

- Example - “РУКИ В НОГИ И ВПЕРЕД”
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Marketing & Sales

450 000
words translated

You can be sure I'm the right choice for you. After all, this isn't my first rodeo.

What am I working on these days?

At the moment I'm just wrapping up what has been a fascinating and challenging order: an 80,000 word book on the Belarusian economy for the United Nations Development Programme in Belarus. Excellence and clarity are paramount, as the book will be read by everyone from policy-makers to ordinary citizens.
International relations
Creativity. Quality. Elegance.
Let’s make your company look great by creating texts that sell.
Crossing borders is hard, so let's build bridges together.
Give your gamers a localization that's a joy to read, letting them focus on just having fun.


Once upon a time, a little boy sat at his desk in Philadelphia. “That’s a penny word,” his mom said, pushing for something more evocative. “I don’t know a better one,” he protested, though the reply was as quick as it was insistent: “Yes, you do.”

As the years passed, penny words turned into nickel words, which gave way to dime words, until a one-dimensional writing skill began to blossom into something more. Logic classes forced him to think critically, a writing teacher in high school pushed him to read widely and consider opposing viewpoints, and meticulous professors at his Washington, D.C., university knocked off points for careless errors. Little by little, a skill both well-rounded and well-founded began to emerge.

Meanwhile, he pursued a degree in government that featured a trip to Russia. Enamored with the country and language, a paucity of work in the public sector predicated a return to St. Petersburg for three months after graduation. Those three months stretched into a year, and then two, until here we are, six years later, and that little boy is now a professional translator ready to wield language and writing skills honed over years of practice to present you with a product you won’t soon forget.

Do your projects need relentlessly constructive criticism that pushes you to bigger and better things? Do you need someone who can create texts that sell, fascinate, and invigorate? Then welcome! Let’s get started.

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Excellent solutions
Jared has been editing English texts for us since January 2016. Since then we've worked together on several projects: two mobile games and the Russian to English translation of a survey.

Jared always bears in mind what we need, is happy to discuss the follow-up questions we have, and offers excellent solutions. His knowledge of Russian also helps him stay mindful of the original's nuances in order to ensure that it is translated accurately. We recommend him to anyone who is creating and running projects for English-speaking users and needs someone who gets the job done on time.
Attention to detail
We have been working with Jared since February 2015. He is directly responsible for editing English texts covering a wide range of subjects, including everything from in-game dialogues to legal documentation. Jared's excellent knowledge of English lends quality to everything he does, letting him look at both text content and the way it will be read by the end user. This approach, especially when coupled to his timeliness and flawless attention to detail, makes Jared perfect for what we need.
Simply the best
Top quality translation, always timely delivered. Jared's writing style is brilliant. Simply the best Rus to Eng translator I ever worked with.
Calm, easygoing quality
We at Kuznech have come to Jared multiple times looking for him to proofread Russian to English translations. We did the translations ourselves, and his job was to make sure that the texts sounded authentic.
We have been very happy with the speed and quality of his work. Whenever issues come up (for example, with technology), Jared calmly and in an easygoing manner explains why he made changes and offers other options as needed. And it's certainly nice that he speaks fantastic Russian!
Perfect job
Perfect job, fast speed, pleasure to work with!
Video game localization

Worked in concert with a colleague to translate, review, and edit texts for the company's biggest titles.

Video game localization

Worked closely with the localization team to improve the quality of new releases, smoothing over translation, grammatical, and consistency issues to produce excellent texts.


Translated multiple high-level contracts for the company, including research into the telecommunication industry to deliver high-quality texts.

Video game localization

Worked on all the company's most recent titles to localize their texts into an easily readable, mistake-free, and engaging foundation on which the gameplay is built.

Marketing & sales

Reviewed and edited the company's entire site and marketing materials, ensuring an end product that would attract interest and drive sales.

Marketing & sales

Translated and edited a wide variety of texts for the company in an effort to ensure that their marketing materials would engage English speakers and successfully present their unique product.

Marketing & sales

Worked on many different texts, making sure that the company's marketing materials, documentation, and legal documents demonstrate high quality and are readable for English speakers in both the US and the Philippines.

Marketing & sales

Researched and worked with company specialists to successfully develop familiarity with a new industry, translating and editing texts earmarked for an English-speaking audience.

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